Reducing Dust Collector Running Cost

On-site issues

At a certain factory, during the process of collecting metal powder, the dust concentration was periodically monitored by manual analysis. Despite this, there were many leaks. Each time, they had to shut down operations and clean the dirty worksite. Furthermore, because location of the leak inside the dust collector could not be identified, all filters (filter cloths) were replaced. Due to this situation, they were worried that they wanted to improve the working environment as much as possible and reduce the need for unnecessary filter replacements.


  1. Worries not to know when dust will leak out.
  2. Want to use up all normal filters

Dust Monitor is the solution!

That’s why we propose a dust monitor.

Advantages of Dust Monitor

  • Dust concentration can be continuously monitored in real time.
  • Predict leaks. You can know when to replace (deteriorate) filter and use it to the end.
  • And since it can be detected before it leaks, site will not be contaminated.
  • Additionally, inside of dust collector is divided into multiple rooms and backwashing is carried out in order of rooms, so by comparing trend data from the dust monitor, it is possible to identify where filter cloth needs to be replaced. Running costs can be significantly reduced by replacing only filter cloth where necessary.

Effects after implementation:

Labor saving

It replaces a human and constantly monitors you 24 hours a day. Since you can deal with leaks before they occur, you can reduce amount of effort required for cleanup and other cleanup.

You can use up filter to the end

It can detect minute leaks when filter begins to break, so valuable raw materials are not leaked. (0.1mg/㎥~)

Running cost reduction

Inside of dust collector is divided into multiple rows and backwashed in row order. Leakage during backwashing appears as a trend for each row, so there is no waste by replacing only the filters in rows with a large amount of leakage.

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