FINE U-NUT locknut

Liên hệ

A locknut for use with bearings that eliminates the need to machine keyways on shafts and the installation of toothed lock washers. It also improves the rotational balance of bearings in all machine industries.

Brand: Fuji Seimitsu
Origin: Japan

Danh mục:


  • Reusability: Can be reused
  • Simple fastening: Fine adjustment is possible from any position, and torque management is easy
  • Labor saving and simplified assembly: Eliminates the need for toothed lock washers and the keyway machining of shafts
  • Balance: Improves rotational balance of the shaft
  • Weight reduction: Allows for the use of hollow shafts that are thinner than normal
  • Cost reduction: Achieves a total cost reduction by eliminating the need for processing, parts, and technology that were previously required
  • Dedicated tools in a range of sizes, from M10 to M100, are available

General names:

  • Bearing nut, Shaft locknut, Adapter nut, Grooved round nut

Structure & Function:
When “FINE U-NUT” is screwed onto a shaft, the friction ring comes into contact with the shaft thread. As the nut is tightened further, the friction ring begins to bend along with the screw thread and presses against the shaft screw threads.A spring effect produced by the friction ring (P), along with a reactionary force that pushes against the screw flank surface (P’), generates prevailing torque (frictional torque) and demonstrates the locking function.

The FINE U-NUT vs. Conventional Product:

    Consists of 3 basic parts. Just insert to fasten.

  • Conventional product:
    Consists of 4 basic parts. A toothed lock washer and keyway machining are required.


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