What is a grease gun? How to use a grease gun

The grease gun is one of the commonly used tools nowadays for machinery maintenance. Thanks to that, the repair process becomes faster, and the machinery operates more smoothly. However, not everyone knows how to use this product. Let’s explore the detailed instructions on how to use a manual grease gun through the following article.

What is a grease gun?

A grease gun is an accessory used to deliver the necessary amount of grease directly to machine parts without the need for any other tools or manual greasing. Moreover, the usage is extremely simple. Users simply need to adjust and squeeze the gun lever for the grease to be pumped out. Adjust the amount of grease dispensed, whether more or less, using the pressure valve.

Thanks to this advantage, grease guns are widely used nowadays. This tool is needed in workshops, garages, and factories alike. The main function of this type of tool is to deliver grease to the shafts and threads of machine parts, helping them operate more smoothly. Because after prolonged use, the equipment is prone to rust and can become squeaky, affecting its performance and reducing work productivity. The grease path starts from the grease container, leads to the connecting hose, grease nipple, and then to the location needing lubrication. The size of the accessory must be suitable for the machinery to ensure a tight fit between the components for optimal effectiveness.

How many types of grease guns are there?

Currently, there are three common types of grease guns on the market: manual grease guns, pneumatic grease guns, and electric grease guns.

Manual grease gun

As the name suggests, this type of grease gun requires the manual force of the hand to operate. In this case, a quantity of grease from the nozzle is regulated by reverse pressure to create a turning motion with the actuating mechanism. This mechanism exerts pressure on the spring designed behind the lubricant. As a result, the grease is squeezed and pumped out.

Pneumatic grease gun

This product operates based on the principle of delivering compressed air to the component through a hose. The pressure generated has the ability to squeeze grease out through the grease delivery hose.

Electric grease gun

All operations of this product are powered by electric energy, enabling it to function. Furthermore, there are also battery-powered grease guns available on the market, which are extremely convenient, powerful, and suitable for use in places far from electrical sources.

Correct usage of the grease gun

Using a grease gun is extremely simple; users just need to follow the steps in order to achieve high effectiveness and ensure safety.

Step 1: Firstly, fill the reservoir with an adequate amount of grease. Then, connect the grease gun to the grease hose. Note: Clean the connections before performing the above process.

Step 2: Tighten the screw at the pump head with the hose to prevent grease leakage during pumping.

Step 3: Bring the gun to the position where lubrication is needed, then squeeze the lever to allow grease to exit, ensuring any air pockets are expelled. Squeeze the lever gently to ensure a steady flow of grease, avoiding excessive force that may cause too much grease to discharge.

Step 4: After completing the pumping process, it’s advisable to squeeze the lever to expel any excess grease remaining in the hose. This helps to keep the hose clear and cleaner, preventing clogging at the gun head. Furthermore, it’s important to clean the grease gun after use to prevent dirt and excess grease buildup.

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