TWIN FU-NUT locknut

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The industry’s first prevailing-torque-type precision locknut. It uses two friction rings to further enhance the locking performance of the FINE U-NUT.

Brand: Fuji Seimitsu
Origin: Japan

Danh mục:


  • Performance enhancement: Enhances the locking performance of the FINE U-NUT
  • Simple fastening: Just tighten the nut to complete fastening
  • Reusability: Can be reused
  • Thread accuracy: ISO4H thread accuracy
  • Surface run-out accuracy: The accuracy of seat surface run-out in relation to the screw is 1,000 minutes (mm)

General names:

  • Precision bearing nut, Adapter nut, Grooved round nut, Precision locknut

Structure & Function:
“TWIN FU-NUT” has two friction rings and two spacers that have been installed and fixed to the top of the nut. The two friction rings are arranged so that the forces (P) and (P’) generated by the spring effect act equally in the symmetric direction of the screw axial core, and the bearing can be fastened with an even surface load (F).

The TWIN FU-NUT vs. Conventional Product:

    Consists of 3 basic parts. Just insert to fasten.

  • Conventional product:
    Consists of 5 basic parts. Fixed with setting screws.
    Conventional product


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