Air Dust Monitor

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Air Dust Monitor is a dust indicator that specializes in monitoring dust generated from machinery operating indoors and outdoors in factories and construction sites.
It can be used to predict the start of dust leakage, prevent dust generation indoors and outdoors, and check the effectiveness of dust collection measures.

Brand: Matsushima
Origin: Japan


It can be used for health management and quality maintenance through constant monitoring. The dust generated in the factory can harm the health of workers and adhere to the produced products, resulting in deterioration of quality. If you constantly monitor dust, you can take early countermeasures and easily maintain and manage a clean work environment.


  • 24-hour monitoring on behalf of humans, not overlooking the slightest dust
  • Handy and can be carried to the site of concern
  • Can be installed without a battery and wireless communication power supply

Operating principle

Air Dust Monitor is dust monitor with a self-suction function that enables dust measurement in environments with no air flow.
Dust taken in from the space by self-suction generates electric charge transfer (tribo) when it contacts or passes near the internal probe. The amount of charge transfer is detected as a relative concentration proportional to the dust concentration.

How to use?

  1. Select installation location:

    Check environment where dust is a concern. Select the separate type for high or narrow locations, or the battery/wireless type if remote wiring is not possible.
  2. Installation:

    Place the unit horizontally on floor or hang it on wall. Direct suction hood toward dust-generating area as much as possible.
  3. Wiring:

    Wire power supply, analog output, and contact output to the converter. Separate type and battery/wireless type connect the sensor and converter with a dedicated cable.
  4. Adjustment:

    Orient suction hood in a direction that facilitates dust collection. Select range from 1 to 9 settings, and set integration time if necessary.


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