TRANSFLUID SH-SHC: Clutch & power take-off

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Transfluid SH-SHC oil actuated clutches are wet type, multiple sintered plate units designed to run in oil and actuated by oil pressure.

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  • No adjustment is required to compensate for the wear of the discs, as the piston can advance automatically as a function of wear.
  • Ability of transmitting a constant torque throughout the life of the discs, as no periodic adjustment is necessary.
  • Due to the constancy of the transmitted torque, a smaller clutch can often be used; furthermore, since no openings or passages are required for adjustment, the clutches can be mounted with considerable compactness, with a consequent reduction in the machine dimensions.
  • Possibility of transmitting higher torques, especially in larger clutches, as the locking effort does not depend on manual operation.
  • Thanks to the built-in hydraulic cylinder, the SH-SHC hydraulically operated clutches can be easily remotely controlled.
  • Disc burn failures are eliminated. In fact, the hydraulic control does not allow slippage of the discs, which is due to imperfect adjustment in mechanical clutches.
  • The life of the discs is much longer; this is very important in machine tools where a stop for repairs can compromise other operations in the production line.


  • Agriculture Machinery
  • Marine Propulsion
  • Tractors

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