80Ghz Radar Level Transmitter

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80GHz Radar Level Transmitter is a radio-wave level meter that measures storage levels in tanks and silos without contact in harsh environments such as dust, steam, and high temperatures.

It is used for inventory management and control of tanks and silos, contributing to automation and labor saving of equipment.


  1. Easy adjustment and excellent maintainability for workers.
  2. Measurement in a narrow area, long distance (120m) measurement, and measurement of objects with low relative permittivity


  • Easily confirmed by mobile: Easily confirmed by mobile or PC by bluetooth connection. No wiring required for adjustment. Can be operated from safe location even in difficult-to-reach sites.
  • Adhesion alarm (Patented): The adhesion alarm and inspection date are notified by making the beating signal of 4-20mA output, which avoids unstable measurement.
  • Easily angle adjustment after maintenance (Patented): Angle/Dirension sensor system After taking out the sensor for maintenance, it is easy to restore the sensor.

Operating principle

In the FM-CW method, the sensor transmits a high frequency radar signal while modulating the frequency at a constant cycle.

When it is reflected and received by the target, the frequency deviation from the transmitted signal is converted into round-trip time and measured as distance.

How to use?

  1. Determine the mounting position:

    Choose a position where no obstacles enter the measurement area of ​​the transmitter, and where the object to be measured does not enter the dead zone of the transmitter.
  2. Mounting:

    Adjust the angle of the transmitter so that the transmission direction of the transmitter is as perpendicular as possible to the measurement surface. Angle adjustment is not required if the measurement surface is a flat liquid surface. In addition, it is convenient for maintenance if you make a note of the installation angle after confirming it with the dedicated application.
  3. Wiring:
  4. Adjustment:

    By connecting the transmitter to the device via Bluetooth using an app for PC or smartphone, you can easily set 0% and 100%, check the angle.
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