Speed ​​Switch

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Speed ​​switch constantly monitor shaft speed of conveyors and machinery to detect and signal slippage or overspeed.

Brand: Matsushima
Origin: Japan


  1. Detecting belt slippage can prevent conveyor fires and chute clogging.
  2. Early detection of belt rupture minimizes chute clogging and cargo spillage.


  • Contactless detection
  • Easy one-push adjustment
  • Extensive lineup to suit installation environment
  • Supports ultra-low speed rotation

Operating principle

  1. One push type:
    Non-contact measurement using a proximity switch.
    A magnetic detection piece is attached to shaft of mechanical device, and a proximity switch is installed in front of the detection piece. As the shaft rotates, the detection piece passes in front of the proximity switch many times according to the rotation speed of the shaft. At this time, the proximity switch generates a pulse signal each time a piece of metal passes in front of it. The period of this pulse signal changes according to the rotation speed of the shaft, so the rotation speed can be measured.
  2. Ultra low speed type:
    Built-in encoder detects low-speed rotation with high accuracy
    Rotation from shaft is transmitted to internal encoder. The encoder pulses the number of revolutions with a high accuracy of 200P/rev. The pulse signal is converted to the number of revolutions in the converter. Even an ultra-low rotation speed of 0.1 rpm is detected in 6 seconds, so it will not be too late to respond. Of course, we also support overspeed detection.




  • ESPB-050

  • ESPB-051/TL-N20MD1

  • ASTC-051/TL-N20MD1

  • ESAW-102/302

  • ESKB-610M/MU


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