Sounding M’s

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Sounding M’s is a general-purpose contact type level transmitter with enhanced performance and functions, and customizability that can be used for a wide range of applications such as high temperature, high pressure, and flameproof (d2G4).

Brand: Matsushima
Origin: Japan


  1. Easy to install, easy to adjust, and easy to handle. The wiring between the sensor and the controller is only a 4-core cable. The settings are 0%, 100%, and you can use it as soon as you set the timer.
  2. We provide customized level meters that match the on-site environment. It can be customized for various environments such as high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, and explosion proof (d2G4). For example, it can be used to measure sediment that settles in a liquid, or to be a mobile level meter in combination with a mobile trolley or rail.


  • Not affected by dust or gas
  • Selectable weight
  • Use durable wire rope

How to use?

  1. Determine mounting position:
    Choose a position where no obstacles will enter the measurement area of ​​the level meter, and where no objects will enter the dead zone of the level meter. When measuring, the weight swings up and down like a pendulum, so keep the weight away from the wall while considering the swing.
  2. Mounting:
    When installing, secure an inspection space around the level meter. Make sure the wire rope is not detached from the drum or pulley. Install an inspection window that is larger than the weight size near the sounding. Required for weight mounting and removal.
  3. Wiring:

    Wire between the Sounding M’s and the control unit with a 4-core shielded cable. Wire the power supply and output signal to the control unit.

  4. Adjustment:
    Settings are made on the control unit. 0%, 100%, upper/lower limit setting, timer setting, etc. can be performed. Please refer to the instruction manual for details.



Connection Diagram:

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