Radar Type River Water Level Transmitter

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Radar Type River Water Level Transmitter is a radio-controlled level meter that continuously measures the water level of rivers, dams, tide levels, factories, agricultural water, regulating reservoirs, sluice gates, water treatment facilities, reservoirs, erosion control, etc.

Brand: Matsushima
Origin: Japan


  1. Stable measurement is possible without being affected by storms, turbid currents, sedimentary mud and sand, changes in flow speed, etc.
  2. When used as a crisis management type water level transmitter, there is no need to worry about being swept away by muddy water because it is a non-contact measurement.
  3. Maintenance is easy with no consumables.


  • NETIS registered product
  • Equipped with HART communication
  • Reliable Radio Law Compliant Product

Operating principle

Radar Type River Water Level Transmitter is a time flight type (TOF) radio level meter that uses a frequency of 26 GHz (microwave).
What is the time flight method (TOF)? Radio waves (microwave pulses) emitted from the sensor are reflected on the surface of the object to be measured, and are received by the sensor again as reflected waves. This method converts the round-trip time of this radio wave (microwave pulse) into a distance and measures it.

How to use?

  1. Determine mounting position:

    Choose a position that does not allow any obstacles to enter the measurement area of ​​the level transmitter or that the object to be measured does not enter the dead zone of the level transmitter.
  2. Mounting:

    Install the level transmitter so that the transmission direction of the level transmitter is as vertical as possible to the measurement surface (liquid level).
  3. Wiring:

    Power supply and analog output can be performed with two wires because of the two-wire transmission method. Please connect with our Signal Conditioner or a commercially available distributor. Measurement starts when the power is turned on.
  4. Adjustment:

    By connecting a notebook PC with dedicated software to a level transmitter using a dedicated cable, you can easily set 0% and 100%, learn noise, and check waveforms.

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