Pull Cord Switch

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Pull Cord Switch is a switch for emergency stop when an accident occurs around belt conveyors and transportation machinery. Mainly used for belt conveyors that transport raw materials (ore, coal, lime, gravel, etc.) at production sites. Since 1975, it has been a favorite in the field for many years.

Brand: Matsushima
Origin: Japan


  1. It can be used as an emergency stop device required by occupational safety and health regulations to prevent accidents resulting in injury or death to workers.
  2. Pulling the wire rope from anywhere on the conveyor can bring the equipment to an emergency stop.
  3. It is also effective for safety measures before work. If you operate the Pull Cord Switch while working around the conveyor, you will not accidentally start the conveyor. Serious accidents can be avoided.


  • 1 unit covers 50m
  • Abundant lineup
  • Customizable

Operating principle

If you connect wire ropes to upper and lower levers of Pull Cord Switch and attach wire ropes along belt conveyor, you can pull the wire rope from anywhere on the belt conveyor to activate the Pull Cord Switch and bring the equipment to an emergency stop.

How to use?

  1. Determine the mounting position:

    Decide on an installation location that avoids falling ore from conveyor or a location subject to large vibrations or shocks.
  2. Mounting:

    For explosion-proof areas, select explosion-proof specifications.
    Provide a mounting base for Pull Cord Switch. It is recommended to install a cover in case of falling mines. Length of the wire rope for operation is up to 25m on one side. Install support brackets at intervals of 1 m so that wire rope does not sag.
  3. Wiring:

    The contact signal is a dry contact. Avoid direct input to motors and sequencers, and use magnet conductors or relays.
  4. Adjustment:

    No adjustment is required as it has been adjusted at the factory.


  • Weather proof

  • Flameproof type

  • Dust-ignition proof type
  • Action of Switch:
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