Kinetrol XLS Limit Switch Box – Explosion Proof

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For true industrial robustness, Kinetrol’s XLS explosion proof limit switch box offers a variety of signalling options within a corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy housing. The XLS can be close-mounting onto Kinetrol actuators up to Model 15, or discrete mounting onto Models 16 – 60 and any other make of rotary actuator.


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Find which Kinetrol Limit Switch Box you need to order by using the diagram and examples presented here.
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Here, you can find all the dimensions for Kinetrol’s XLS explosion proof switch box, including both close mount and discrete options.
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DeviceNet allows the user to build an intelligent communication network with various control devices, all feeding back to a central control unit. Further details can be found here.
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The Actuator Sensor Interface card allows easy digital serial communication for your sensors and actuators, controlled and monitored via a single two-wire cable. More information is available here.
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