HARDLOCK Set Screw (HLS) – Locking Grub Screws

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This revolutionary anti-loosening set screw (hexagon socket head type) uses the wedge principle. Use for die pins in place of welding and adhesives to improve operability and greatly reduce overall costs.

Danh mục:


The Hardlock Set Screw is a revolutionary self-locking set screw (hex socket head set screw) which employs the wedge principle to deliver a superior self-locking effect like other Hardlock products without the need to change the conditions of the target application.

  • Powerful self-locking effect
    Just like the HLN Hardlock Nut, no matter the conditions the self-locking effect remains secure.
  • Reusable
    Made of all metal with little few wear surfaces, sustains a powerful self-locking effect.
  • Easy and efficient
    Can be easily installed with just one commercially available tool.
  • Economical
    There are no washers or other self-locking components, and no additional processing is required. Switching to the HLB has the benefit of significant total cost reduction.

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Installation Procedure:

B1: Manually tighten the concave (set) screw.
B2: Use a hex key (Allen wrench) or other general tightening tool to tighten.
B3: Then tighten the convex (lock) screw manually. Make sure that there is a gap of about one pitch between the concave and convex screws before tightening.
B4: Tighten the convex (lock) screw with a general tightening tool to the specified torque or one turn (360 degrees).
The installation is now complete.
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