Franklin Electric Variable Speed P-Series

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Standard Features (Enclosed Drives)

  • Automatic carrier frequency change (adjusts based on temperature for optimal operation)
  • Selectable V/F, sensorless vector control
  • For outdoor and/or wash down applications
  • Rainproof NEMA 3R enclosure reduces thermal absorption with white, solar reflective finish and filtered cooling fans
  • Standard enclosed VFD package is rated for 110º ambient temperature, non-direct sunlight.
  • Additional application-specific protective devices included (i.e. line reactors, load reactors, and dV/dT filter)

Franklin FastApp™ Firmware

  • Quick and easy setup for submersible and centrifugal packages
  • Display uses pump specific terminology

Pump Specific Protection and Features

  • Broken pipe detection
  • Dry-well/Underload detection with cycling timer
  • Pipe fill (Pre-PID) – VFD ramps up to Pre-PID frequency and fills pipes without pressurizing system
  • Sleep and wake up functions
  • Automatic energy savings mode
  • Flying start protection prevents trips, rough starts, and drive damage from regenerative power due to heavy inertia rotation

Custom Packages Available

  • Alternative enclosure options (NEMA 1, NEMA 12, NEMA 4X)
  • Multi-motor/pump packages
  • Customizable control options
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