Capacitance Level Switch

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Brand: Matsushima
Origin: Japan


  1. Achieving powder detection at low cost. This level switch is most commonly used for powder detection.
  2. Since there are no moving parts, it is easy to maintain.


  • Liquids, powders, and various objects can be detected
  • Suitable for harsh environments such as high temperature and high pressure
  • No moving parts, excellent washability and durability

Operating principle

The probe and tank (made of metal) act as electrodes, and the change in capacitance between them is captured and detected. It detects the change in capacitance value when the space between the electrodes is empty and when it is filled with the object to be measured.

How to use?

  1. Determine mounting position

    Considering the angle of repose, install the sensor in a location where the object to be measured and the electrode are in proper contact. Please note that if bridging occurs, the electrodes may be damaged due to malfunction or collapse. Please note that in dead stock, the object to be measured remains and becomes a detection state.

  2. Mounting:

    Horizontal/slanted installation (example of integrated type) Install correctly as shown in the figure, with the wiring port facing downward. As a guideline, the ground electrode should be in the tank by 10 mm or more.
  3. Wiring:

    Wire correctly according to the instruction manual. After opening the lid, close the lid tightly to prevent water, dirt, sand, metal pieces, dust, etc. from entering, as it may cause malfunction.
  4. Adjustment:
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