Belt Conveyor Protection Equipment

Safety switches that protect transport machinery such as belt conveyors and safety of workers working around them.

Thiết bị Bảo vệ Băng tải

Cảm Biến Tốc Độ

Speed Switch

Sensor that detects changes in rotation speed of transporting equipment including conveyors

Rơle Tốc Độ

Speed Relay

Sensor that does not require power source to detects change in rotation speed of transporting equipment including conveyors

Công Tắc Dây Kéo

Pull Cord Switch

Emergency switch to stop anywhere on the conveyor



Emergency stop switch around conveyors and transporting equipment

Công Tắc Lắc Đai

Belt Sway Switch

Switch that detects belt misalignment and swaying and outputs an alarm signal or stop signal

Giá Đỡ Điều Chỉnh Bằng Động Cơ

Motor-Operated Adjusting Carrier

Device that detects belt misalignment and automatically corrects the misalignment

Máy Dò Vết Rách Đai

Belt Tear Detector

Detect belt rip or tear that occurs underneath the transferring chute of conveyors

Máy Làm Sạch Băng Tải

Belt Cleaner

Device that scrapes and cleans adhesive materials on conveyor belts

Máy Dò Dòng Chảy

Load Flow Detector

Switch that detects loaded or non-loaded of the materials on conveyor

Thiết bị phát hiên tắc nghẽn

Chute Switch

Switch that detects clogging of tranferring chutes of conveyors

Công Tắc Giới Hạn Hạng Nặng

Heavy Duty Limit Switch

Switch that detects the position of machinery devices including unloaders and cranes

Máy Phát Điện Băng Tải

Coveyor Generator

Power generator by belt conveyor operation

Cảm biến đo mức điện dung

Capacitance Level Switch

Level switch that can be used for various measurement objects

Tilt Switch

Side-pressure type level switch installed on the sidewall of a hopper, etc…

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