Warranty Policy

Conditions for Warranty

The equipment is within the warranty period, which is stated on the warranty sticker and product warranty certificate. We only warranty malfunctions of the equipment related to product quality under normal usage conditions.
The equipment brought to the Warranty Center must still have the original warranty sticker and be accompanied by a valid warranty certificate for that product.

Conditions not Covered by Warranty

The equipment brought to the Warranty Center no longer has the original warranty sticker or the warranty sticker is torn due to customer’s unauthorized repair without the consent of the Manufacturer or Distributor.
The equipment brought to the Warranty Center does not have a warranty certificate, the warranty certificate is tampered with, torn, erased, or the serial number on the device does not match the serial number on the warranty certificate.
Damage due to natural disasters, fire, explosion, electrical surges, mechanical deformation caused by dropping or incorrect installation procedures…
Damage caused by human error, animals…

Post-Warranty Service

Equipment or products purchased at HVC that are out of warranty or fall under non-warranty conditions will be repaired or replaced by the company’s Warranty Center at a discounted price or supported for repair directly with the manufacturer.

Warranty Center


  • Address: Số 5 ngách 6/13 Kim Đồng, Hoàng Mai, Hà Nội
  • Phone: +84(0)4 3664 1708
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