VOITH Geared variable speed couplings

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Suitable for electrical, oil, and gas applications, VOITH variable-speed gear couplings boast a record-breaking reliability of 99.98%.

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Suitable for power applications of up to 30 MW and output speeds of up to 20,000 rpm, these units are typically found in thermal power plants and oil and gas industry applications. The indicated applications usually combine a standard motor with a geared variable speed coupling to ensure precise and accurate speed control.


  1. Three in one function: Speed control – Transmission for speed conversion – Integrated oil supply
  2. Unbeatable reliability of 99.98%
  3. Longest international track record with over 10,000 installed units
  4. Compact – Minimal footprint – Saves up to 70% space
  5. Simple mechanical and robust design for indoor and outdoor installation
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