TRANSFLUID SKF: Constant fill fluid couplings

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Hydraulic coupling for diesel engines – starter

The SKF series of Constant Fill Fluid Couplings is used on all industrial equipment types driven by internal combustion engines up to 180 kW requiring a tight flywheel mounting. By transmitting power through a fluid, they improve overall performance and protect both driving and driven machines.


  1. Frees engine during heavy starts
    During heavy starts and sudden running load increases, engine lugging is prevented. The Fluid Coupling simply “slip” while it smoothly picks up the load.
  2. Provides smoothly drive
    The mechanical connection is eliminated; power and torque are transmitted entirely through fluid mass and velocity. The result is a smooth, sustained flow of energy minus the shocks and strains which, with mechanical drives, cut equipment life.
  3. Prevents transmission of shock loads
    Fluid Couplings protect both driving and driven equipment by smoothing out shock loads and preventing them from striking solid resistance.
  4. Assures damping effects
    Torsional vibrations from the engine are drastically dampened by Fluid Coupling, increasing the entire transmission’s life.
  5. Transmits full input torque
    The patented Transfluid Circuit design delivers output torque always equal to the input torque. The engine can turn at its max torque-rpm, even when driven is at stall.
  6. Radial load capability
    The SKF series includes the SKFE line which allows the installation of a pulley on output shaft.


  • Crushers
  • Engines
  • Grinders
  • Marine Propulsion
  • Mills
  • Recycling Machinery
  • Road Sweepers
  • Tractors

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