SubMonitor 3-Phase Motor Protection

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The SubMonitor is designed to protect 3-phase pumps with horsepower ratings between 3 and 200 hp. Current, voltage and motor temperature are monitored using three integrated current transformers. A digital display provides current and voltage readings for all three legs and allows the user to set up the SubMonitor quickly and easily. The SubMonitor is the latest innovation in 3-phase pump protection from Franklin Electric. Using state-of-the-art technology, the SubMonitor provides the ultimate protection for a pump and motor. There is simply no better way to protect a large 3-phase submersible pump investment than with a SubMonitor. It is the protection device that can sense overheating straight from the motor windings!


  • Quick setup to monitor a motor, simply enter the line frequency (Hz), line voltage (Volts), and motor service factor Amp rating
  • Digital display indicates voltage and current on all three legs at the same time, and fault messages are in easily understandable text
  • Monitors:
    • Under/overload
    • Under/overvoltage
    • Current unbalance
    • Overheated motor (Subtrol equipped)
    • False start (chattering)
    • Phase reversal
  • For motors with service factor Amp ratings between 3 and 359 Amps (4 up to 150 kW/ 6″ and 8″ encapsulated Motors)
  • One unit covers the entire range from 190 to 600 Volts
  • No need to make additional turns around the CT or add external CTs
  • Password protection option
  • DIN rail mounting option
  • Stores fault, setting changes, and pump run-time, that can be accessed through the display
  • Detachable NEMA 3R display unit can be mounted on panel door
  • UL 508 Listed


  • Input voltage: 190 – 600 VAC
  • Frequency: 60/50 Hz
  • Motor service factor Amps: 3 to 359 Amps
  • Maximum conductor size through sensors:
    • Max. diameter 0.920 in. (23 mm)
  • Trip response:
    • Motor, under / overload, under / overvoltage, overheat, unbalance: 3 seconds
  • Control circuit rating: 1.5 Amp AC, up to 600 Volts
  • Signal circuit rating: 1 Аmp AC, up to 250 Volts (incandescent: 100 Watts max.)
  • Wiring terminals:
    • Wire gauge: #12 to #18 AWG
    • Tighten to: 4.5 in-lbs
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