Franklin Electric FPS SSI Turbine Pumps

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  • High-Volume Solution: Features flows up to 270m3/h to meet high-volume pumping application demand
  • Simple, Modern Design: Stamped stainless steel pump family is fully serviceable
  • Unique Construction: I-Blade technology, exclusive to Franklin Electric, increases the structural integrity of the pump’s internal components, pumping more water per horsepower and improving efficiency when compared to traditional impeller designs
  • Rugged: Utilizing tungsten inert gas (TIG) progressive welding, the metal materials are mixed during the process, creating a stronger bond for durability in harsh environments
  • Reliable: Integrated check valves eliminate back flow, and round shafts increase durability in abrasive environments


  • Irrigation
  • Agricultural
  • Municipal
  • Commercial
  • De-watering
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