Displacement Detector

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Displacement detectors are mainly used in paper mills as displacement detectors for dancer rolls that are used to control the speed of winders. The synchro transmitter is housed in an indoor dustproof case for excellent durability.

Brand: Matsushima
Origin: Japan


Real-time control is possible because Displacement Detector can be mechanically detected in accordance with movement of dancer roll and directly output as a voltage signal.


  • Resistant to noise
  • Equipped with ultimate limit
  • Explosion proof

Operating principle

Displacement Detector is a mechanical shaft Displacement Detection sensor that incorporates a synchro transmitter and a limit switch for detecting both ends.
The amount of displacement of the machine shaft is detected by rotation angle of the synchro transmitter and output as a change in AC voltage, so signals can be transmitted without being affected by noise.


Dimension Diagram:

  • Model YVGC-500W

  • Model YVGCM-790

Connection diagram:

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