Return and exchange policy

Our return and exchange policy is designed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction when purchasing goods and services at HVC.

Items can be exchanged if they have not been used.

Customers are entitled to exchange a product for another if it has not been used, and it must be inspected and confirmed by HVC’s technical staff.
The new product must have a value equal to or higher than the value of the item being exchanged.
Applicable timeframe: Not exceeding 3 days from the date of purchase.

Return and refund are permitted.

HVC will facilitate exchanges or accept returns and issue refunds to customers under the following circumstances.

  • The goods do not match the type or model as ordered by the customer.
  • The goods do not meet the quality standards such as being expired, out of warranty, malfunctioning, or objectively damaged within the supplier’s or manufacturer’s warranty period.

Conditions for accepting returns and exchanges

“Customers are eligible for a replacement of the same type of product in case of an irreparable technical issue (due to manufacturing defects). Defective products are eligible for exchange only after confirmation by the technical team and compliance with the following conditions:

  • The origin of the goods is determined to have been purchased from HVC (based on the purchase invoice and identification sticker attached to the product).
  • The goods are confirmed to have a technical fault by the technicians from the Warranty Center of the Manufacturer or by HVC.
  • The goods still have their original sealed warranty sticker intact.
  • The returned goods are free from any cosmetic defects (scratches, dents, discoloration, cracks, etc.).
  • The returned goods must still include all accompanying accessories and bonus items.
  • The returned goods must ensure the completeness of packaging and accompanying documents.

Cases where returns or exchanges are not accepted:

  • Customers wishing to change the type or model without prior notification.
  • Customers operating the product incorrectly, causing damage to the item.
  • Customers causing external damage such as torn packaging, peeling, or breakage.
  • Customers who have signed confirmation of inspection and receipt of goods but later request returns due to discrepancies in appearance (scratches, dents, discoloration, breakage, etc.).

Procedure for handling returns and exchanges:

  • Customers can directly contact the Manufacturer’s Warranty Center or reach out to HVC’s Warranty Department to have their product inspected and proceed with the return or exchange process.
  • After receiving confirmation of a technical fault from the Technician at the Manufacturer’s Warranty Center or HVC’s Warranty Department, the exchange process will be carried out according to the regulations of both HVC and the Manufacturer’s Warranty Center.
  • Customer Service and Warranty Department phone number of HVC: +84(0)4 3664 1708

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